First Wind Powered EV Charging Station Installed

The world’s first integrated wind-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station has been installed in Barcelona, Spain.

The charging station combines vertical wind turbines with electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and provides clean energy to power electric vehicles.

Urban Green Energy (UGE) supplied the wind turbines for the project, while GE incorporated its EV charging technology to create the station, called Sanya Skypump.

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Remixed Li-ion Battery Gives More Energy

Researchers at the Georgia Institute for Technology have developed a lithium-ion battery with a few key chemical changes that allow it to charge itself when compressed or flexed.

By substituting the plastic barrier that contains the battery electrolyte with a layer of piezoelectric material called PVDF (the component that converts motion into energy), the team has created a hybrid battery that converts movement into both electric and chemical energy.

By creating a hybrid battery that can directly influence the flow of ions within itself, the researchers can skip the charging circuit entirely, creating a far more efficient means of capturing mechanical energy.

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Wireless EV Charging Tech Trial in UK

Microchip developer Qualcomm is testing a new wireless electric-vehicle charging technology in London. The trials will take place before the end of the year, with an adapted version of Formula 1 car designer Delta Motorsport’s E4 coupe electric car being the main test vehicle. Further tests will be carried out in 2013 using Renault electric cars.

The technology employs inductive charging – which involves using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy.

The adoption of WECV technology could lead to a shift in charging behaviour where batteries could be smaller with the resulting reduction in electric vehicle cost and weight.

Qualcomm added that its technology – dubbed Qualcomm Halo – could be used to keep vehicles’ battery charges at…

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