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Catalonia’s EV Ambitions Presented At EV Forums

Over 55 experts evaluated the latest updates on EV batteries, EV charging and E-Bikes. Technical solutions and applications were presented by the likes of SEAT, Renault-Nissan, Peugeot, Endesa to name but a few. A strong theme on the first day was how to better integrate EVs in urban environment with smarter ways to charge them. On top of which several presentations were dedicated to EV initiatives in Catalonia for the full article please see our media partner page here


5th EV Battery, EV Charging, E-Bikes Forum

We completed the 5th round of our event. It was great to see over 200 professionals joining us again over the 2 days in the 3 conferences. Please come back here in a while to check all our pictures and see if you are in it. Thanks for making the event successful.


EV Charging, EV Battery, E-Bikes Forums

The Electric Cars are becoming a reality. There is no doubt that 2011 brought in new solutions on how to create EV Charging standars and improve li-ion energy density. It will be great to be in Barcelona for our 5th EV Battery Forum in parallel with our other conferences such as the EV Charging Forum and the E-Bikes Forum. A lot has been happening since the first event in Shanghai in 2009. What an interesting couple of years it has been indeed: many new vehicles have been launched, exciting reasearch on materials has raised many questions and a lot more inspiring entrepreneurial spirit has been displayed. We believe we have been able to capture most of that in our…

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