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EV Charging, EV Battery, E-Bikes Forums

The Electric Cars are becoming a reality. There is no doubt that 2011 brought in new solutions on how to create EV Charging standars and improve li-ion energy density. It will be great to be in Barcelona for our 5th EV Battery Forum in parallel with our other conferences such as the EV Charging Forum and the E-Bikes Forum. A lot has been happening since the first event in Shanghai in 2009. What an interesting couple of years it has been indeed: many new vehicles have been launched, exciting reasearch on materials has raised many questions and a lot more inspiring entrepreneurial spirit has been displayed. We believe we have been able to capture most of that in our 2012 European’s programme!

We have also noticed that a lot more conferences on the subject have taken place worldwide. Why, do you ask, should we have another conference on EVs and batteries for EVs? Or EV Charging Infrastructure? Well, the main reason is that we believe we can bring something new to the full value chain in a way that it has not been done before. Indeed this year we have 3 conferences in parallel sharing one exhibtion. In other words you can meet delegates and speakers from other events all in one place and gain more networking value. The other reason is that 85% of the attendees who attended the last 5 Forums, rated the event on the evaluation forms as “very good”.

So how different is this conference or what’s new for 2012? Firstly, we have the participation from many vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers with more concrete results to share. In this present moment, we have 54 Speakers, including: 11 vehicle manufacturers, 15 utilities and 5 battery manufacturers from 16 different countries. In this way you can really capture a truly worldwide perspective. Secondly, we sought out new speakers who do not often appear on other events covering topics which tend not to be discussed in other conferences. For example, thanks to our Singaporean office we have speakers from Asian countries such as Korea, China and Taiwan. Thirdly we have inserted a special session called “TECH SOAP BOX” where small to medium size companies will pitch the audience with their unique solution. The audience will then vote the best one of them and the winner will then be featured in our conference blog and will get a full speaking slot at the next Forum.

As you know the key for vehicle manufacturers will be to bring down the cost of the batteries by mass production, only then will electric vehicles become viable. This is why Li-ion Battery R&D and new joint venture strategies are now vital more than ever. With this in mind our conference has partnered with multiple leading associations from the battery industry as well as the automotive and materials sectors worldwide. We don’t favour anyone in particular, we have offered a platform to each one of them in order to discuss objectively what actually needs to be done to move forward. Indeed we will motivate such objective discussions by integrating the opinion from the international audience with the use of an electronic polling system, so you will get to know what everyone thinks and use that to your business advantage.

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