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Traction Motor Could Improve Efficiency Of EVs

GE researchers have developed a traction motor for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) that they claim delivers higher power density and better efficiency at a lower cost. The traction motor was developed as part of a $5.6m (£3.5m) US Department of Energy project to extend the range of EVs and hybrids.

The motor operates at a peak power output of 55kW, delivering nearly twice the power density, and thus acceleration, of existing EV motors.

It is also around three to five per cent more efficient since the required torque is achieved using much lower DC bus voltage — as low as 200V versus 650V in existing motors.

Most significantly, GE claims the motor operates continuously at 105ºC over a wide speed range (2,800–14,000rev/min at 30kW) and can be cooled with engine coolant.
The elimination of a separate cooling system, which most EVs rely on, allows the vehicle to be lighter, which directly translates into greater range.

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