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Keeping EV Batteries At Optimal Temperature

An innovative new coolant conducts heat away from the batteries of electric vehicles three times more effectively than water, preventing damage and keeping the battery temperature within an acceptable range even in extreme driving situations.

The coolant by the name of CryoSol Plus, was developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen. It is a dispersion that mixes water and paraffin along with stabilising tensides and a dash of the anti-freeze agent glycol. CryoSol Plus can absorb three times as much heat as water, and functions better as a buffer in extreme situations such as trips on the freeway at the height of summer.

Other properties of the dispersion that the researchers are optimising include its heat capacity, its ability to transfer heat and its flow capability. The scientists’ next task will be to carry out field tests, trying out the coolant in an experimental vehicle.

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