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China’s Aim To Lead In EV Standards Tough

China has approached the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) with a request to hold a workshop on electric vehicle standards in Beijing. The workshop will be held on the 23rd of July and is a stepping stone in China’s plan to be a leader in electric vehicle standards.  Success on that front will be tough, not least because it will require more openness from China than it is used to or comfortable with.

Despite the stalling of China’s plans to be the pure electric vehicle production and sales leader, China is now focusing on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the near term and leaving pure electric vehicle domination as a future goal.

Beijing would still like to be a leader in the EV industry, however, and it sees standards as another possible candidate.   To accomplish that, it is wholeheartedly engaging in, and planning, lots of international events related to EV standards, from workshops to conferences.  They are useful to learn and, probably as a future goal, lobby participants to support Chinese standards.

Active involvement in international standardization is an integral part of China’s strategy. However, while China pushes for Chinese technologies and solutions, the meetings will also be strategic for ANSI as they aim to ensure that ANSI members’ voices are heard as that position is decided upon.

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