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Alliance For Next-Gen EV Li-Ion Batteries

Renault, LG Chem and CEA are expected to sign a three-way agreement in September 2012 concerning next-generation lithium-ion battery production for electric vehicles.

In addition to the research and development of next-generation traction batteries, Renault, CEA and LG Chem will work together to begin production of current generation Li-Ion batteries in France starting in 2015. Production of next-gen Li-Ion batteries is expected to get underway in 2017.

The critical factor for future adoption of electric cars is reducing the cost of the battery, by far the most expensive component in an EV.

LG Chem aims for a realistic cutting of costs in half between 2010’s price and what it will offer by 2015. LG Chem aims to reach that goal, at least…


Electric Vehicles To Receive New Investment

BMW has made an investment in Coulomb Technologies, a maker of charging systems for electric vehicles.

Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint system connects 14 countries worldwide through an electric charging infrastructure that is capable of supporting a large number of electric vehicles.

BMW’s investment in the company and its technologies may have promising implications for the future of electric vehicles.

BMW believes that its support of the ChargePoint system will help hasten the establishment of a comprehensive electric infrastructure for a new generation of vehicles. Infrastructure has been a serious issue for the auto industry in its efforts to promote alternative energy vehicles.

ChargePoint may be a viable way to give consumers a positive experience in recharging their electric vehicles. The software installed in the…


North American EV Charging Market Sees High Growth

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan reports that the electric vehicle (EV) charging station market in North America has grown immensely.

Favorable government level (federal, state and municipal) incentives and subsidies for the purchase of EVs have contributed greatly to this growth.

The government is extending these plans to the installation of charging station and funding programs such as ECOtality’s EV project, which is trying to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure in six major states.

The charging infrastructure is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 128.12 percent, due to the currency of the ‘green’ concept and oil prices’ volatility. Attracted by its potential and low entry barriers, participants are emerging from multiple industries such as technology, vehicle…

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