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Wireless EV Charging Tech Trial in UK

Microchip developer Qualcomm is testing a new wireless electric-vehicle charging technology in London. The trials will take place before the end of the year, with an adapted version of Formula 1 car designer Delta Motorsport’s E4 coupe electric car being the main test vehicle. Further tests will be carried out in 2013 using Renault electric cars.

The technology employs inductive charging – which involves using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy.

The adoption of WECV [wireless electric vehicle charging] technology could lead to a shift in charging behaviour where batteries could be smaller with the resulting reduction in electric vehicle cost and weight.

Qualcomm added that its technology – dubbed Qualcomm Halo – could be used to keep vehicles’ battery charges at between 40-80%, thereby maximising the life expectancy of the batteries. For the moment, it will only work when a vehicle is stationary.

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