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Alliance For Next-Gen EV Li-Ion Batteries

Renault, LG Chem and CEA are expected to sign a three-way agreement in September 2012 concerning next-generation lithium-ion battery production for electric vehicles.

In addition to the research and development of next-generation traction batteries, Renault, CEA and LG Chem will work together to begin production of current generation Li-Ion batteries in France starting in 2015. Production of next-gen Li-Ion batteries is expected to get underway in 2017.

The critical factor for future adoption of electric cars is reducing the cost of the battery, by far the most expensive component in an EV.

LG Chem aims for a realistic cutting of costs in half between 2010’s price and what it will offer by 2015. LG Chem aims to reach that goal, at least at the cell level, which represents about 70 percent of the battery pack cost.

Negotiations on the battery tie-up are still underway. A final agreement is expected by the second half of 2013.

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